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Since 2002 it has been a mandatory requirement for homes with replacement glazing to comply with Building Regulations to ensure sufficient efficiency, safety, and ventilation standards. Reducing heat loss and heat gain by up to 30% in comparison to single glazing, in line with current UK building regulations, replacement windows must have a minimum WER rating of band C (minimum U-value 1.6 W/m2k) and replacement doors must have a DER rating of at least E (U-value 1.8 W/m2k or less). Consisting of two panes of glass separated by an insulating layer of argon gas, each of our high performance home improvement solutions feature modern double glazed units as standard.


What are the advantages of double glazing from Designhaüs?

Average West Midlands house prices can increase by up to 10% with new double glazing.

Improving your homes energy performance rating (EPC) could also increase property value by as much as 14%. Regionally, simple energy efficient improvements in the average Worcester home can result in an impressive £21,028 increase!

The average A rated (gas heated) semi detached home can expect to save between £80 - £110 on their energy bills by upgrading to modern double glazing.

With around 20% of household heat lost through inferior single glazing, it's estimated that double glazing can reduce carbon emissions by up to 680 kg per year. Put into perspective, a return flight from London to New York emits 990 kg of CO2!

Today's double glazing has an average lifespan of 25-30 years when it’s installed in sheltered areas that don't experience prolonged extreme weather conditions. Locations subjected to harsh weather can expect their double glazing to last around 20 years.

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Noticeable noise reductions; replacing single glazing with double glazing can reduce external noise by as much as 50%.

Double glazing can be enhanced further with a range of specialist options, including decorative, obscure, acoustic, tinted, solar control and self cleaning glass.

Effective condensation reductions.

A practical extra barrier against intruders.

Comprehensive product guarantee.

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    Glazing extras

    Whether you want to lower your household's heating demand further or increase privacy in a specific room, we can achieve virtually any look imaginable. This is why we offer a range of additional extras to enhance your new double glazing further. These include:

    Argon gas infills - Double glazed units injected with Argon gas (inside the sealed gap in between the panes of glass) are more energy efficient, as Argon is around 34% less conductive than oxygen.

    Krypton gas infills - Double glazed units injected with Krypton gas are even more efficient, as Krypton is around 63% less conductive than oxygen.

    Decorative glass - Create a specific look with a variety of decorative glazed patterns to choose from, including beautiful textured glass, etched glass, stained glass and sand blasted glass designs.

    Obscure glass - Measured on a privacy scale of 1 to 5 (1 being least private), reduce visibility with a variety of obscuring glazed patterns to choose from.

    Acoustic glass - Ideal for homes near busy roads, schools and airports.

    Toughened glass - Up to 5 times stronger than standard glass, it is designed to shatter into small blunt pieces. A popular addition to balcony windows and doors, toughened glass is a mandatory requirement in windows below 80cm from floor level, windows 30cm or less from a door and windows up to 150cm from floor level.

    Laminated glass - Designed to increase security, if laminated glass is smashed or broken it remains in place.

    Low E glass - Designed to increase thermal efficiency and reduce heating demand further.

    Solar control glass - Delivering a tinted, reflective or neutral finish, this special coating reduces heat and glare.

    Self-cleaning glass - A special coating that reacts with daylight and rainwater to break down dirt.

    Anti-condensation glass - Designed to prevent condensation and improve views.

    Have a browse through our in-depth product brochure for full details.

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